Thursday, March 24, 2016

Democracy, dharma and the long struggle

I am giving a talk tomorrow at Parliament House, in Canberra, to commemorate the 125th birth of Dr Ambedkar, in a meeting called "The Celebration of Social Justice and Empowerment - The Legacy of Dr BR Ambedkar". This is organised by the Dr Ambedkar International Mission, Australia 

My talk is posted here, and my slides here.

In summary, my talk traces some of the struggle for greater democracy, including the French Revolution, Peterloo (Manchester, 1819), the Chartists and the Suffragettes. I mention Emily Davidson, a suffragette who had endured more than 50 forced feedings and who had been in prison many times. She was trampled by a horse during the Derby before the English king. 

Dr Ambedkar is part of that great lineage for greater social justice, in  a struggle that is very far from over.

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