Friday, February 8, 2013

Earth Poisoning Diary (week 1)

Foundations (selected). I just passed the 30th anniversary of the last time I was arrested, with 63 others, at Crotty Rd, Tasmania, during the successful Franklin Dam protest. Another is when I first heard the phrase "breaking the social contract". Since then I have had several chances (at conferences) to explain what this means; e.g. in the case of coal, it is "Earth criminals" like Martin Ferguson who are getting away with poisoning our common future. They need to be brought to justice. Exporting coal in vast quantities is as immoral as Britain profiting from the slave trade. That is no longer socially acceptable. Nor should Earth poisoning be.

(Then) Minister Martin Ferguson has global influence about coal policy, and has reportedly used his influence to try to intimidate protesters trying to protect the public good. His political party, the Australian Labor Party, has become notoriously corrupt

Week 1. Early Feb 2013 - read Moylan’s anti-coal message is an international one. Made four comments declaring willingness to go to prison, to protest Earth poisoning, sanctioned by our society and both major Australian political parties.

Feb 5-8 Attended Society for Human Ecology conference in Canberra. Told several groups of my intention to be arrested; someone suggested I start a diary.

Feb 9 Was reminded by my lawyer of the sad case of Dr Mohamed Haneef. Another suggestion to keep a diary.

This is my own decision, I do not encourage anyone else to do this.

I have the support of my wife and some friends and peers, that's important.

Hooray for free speech; I thank the heavens I don't live in China and about 100 other countries.

Nov 26, 2014. Arrested at part of the Whitehaven coal export complex.

updated Sept 11, 2014 (re ex Minister Ferguson), also Nov 29, 2014 (re arrest)

In March 2016 a you tube video was posted, trying to explain my actions further. This was recorded in 2015, before the devastating 2016 fires in Tasmania.

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  1. wrote to Malcolm Turnbull MP (with whom I and two others met for 30 minutes a while back - I was very impressed.)

    Dear Malcolm

    Hope you are well. The combination of the record heat, the fires, and the floods have triggered my decision to be arrested, and if necessary go to gaol, perhaps late next year, when my research fellowship is almost finished (I assume this will probably end my academic career).

    Meantime, I think a minister for “climate change” who does not speak of these issues is Orwellian.

    I am keeping a diary, at

    Very best wishes, you are my only hope .. and it’s pretty faint, I have to say!!